Is this stupidity or do we refer this as hate crime?

I could easily have dismissed this article, but I realized that this is exactly why we have to share and defend good journalism from pulp, gossip, slander etc.

By CCDeveling: @Rihanna here’s a blog about your hypocrite, racist, selectively indignated ass: #rihanna #jackie magazine #Dutch

Blogger posted in Dutch and English, writing skills in both languages are mediocre, an incompetence which cost Jackie’s editor her job. He would face the same exit if writing was a means to butter his bread. The editor, publisher and Blogger all share the same shortcomings by failing to understand that if you do not comprehend a language, do not posses grammar skills, or even a genuine interest in topics as cultural diversity you should wit held your opinion until fully informed. Once you make statements, printed-, multi- or social media, hiding or accusing others  is not an option to avoid accountability. There is a reason why we can hire professional language translators to perform these tasks and professional journalism means performing a thorough research, reading and editing. Freedom of speech is a privilege where we can express our thoughts, feelings, hopes and wants without being abusive or censored.

I am dumbfounded @CCDeveling ranks himself with Oprah and knowledgeable about Rihanna?? Completely exaggerated sense of one’s importance that shows itself in the making of excessive or unjustified claims. My Twitter time-line shows his narcissistic tweets and preconceived opinion. His blog content is insulting but utterly convinced stating the right point of view, refuses to think and doesn’t read or allow other views to even pass. The joke is on him displaying a repulsive character, for a non-white, non-native, most likely tck or cck which should be an asset, he shows an extreme judgmental, opinionated view and narrowness for a self-claimed critic (of what?)

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